E85 fuel, also called bioethanol or superethanol, is a mixture of a biofuel (ethanol) and gasoline. Bioethanol is 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. In reality, the proportion of this mixture varies between 60% and 70% (in winter) and up to 85% (in summer). Ethanol is obtained by fermentation and then distillation of sugar (beet, sugar cane) or even starch (wheat, corn).


An economic interest: The main advantage is indeed its attractive price. The average price of bioethanol at the pump is around 0.65 € / L, which is around 80 cents less per liter than SP95 or SP98. Therefore, on a full 50 L you save around 40 €. An ecological interest: since it makes it possible to limit the consumption of fossil energy. It is therefore mostly a renewable fuel. The use of Bioethanol represents a strong environmental impact since we observe a reduction ranging from 29 to 35% of the emissions of nitrogen oxides (Nox), and of 90% of fine particles in the atmosphere.


When a vehicle is not originally designed to run in flexfluel, and under certain conditions, Powerconcept offers conversion solutions by reprogramming the vehicle’s engine management computer.

Using Powerconcept for the E85 conversion of your vehicle is choosing a company that has specialized in engine remapping for 20 years,

We provide you with quality service with:

– Quotes and personalized advice according to your vehicle

– A tailor-made service adapted to your vehicle

– Complete diagnosis before and after the conversion (several checkpoints)

– A quality and professional after-sales service